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Don’t Make These Mistakes in Your Will

As a long-time practitioner in wills and estates and a former South Carolina probate judge, I’ve seen a lot of wills. Unfortunately, I’ve also seen many mistakes that create problems for loved ones at this difficult time or that undermine the intentions of the deceased. 

Here are the most common mistakes I’ve seen, and all are easily avoidable.

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Don’t Allow Your Business to Become a Victim of the Dreaded Ds

Is your closely-held business protected from the five dreaded Ds – death, disability, divorce, disaster and disagreement?

Turmoil, and even business failure, can follow if you don’t have a legal succession plan in place when any of these events occur. While this may not offer you any comfort, you are certainly not alone if you haven’t yet set up a succession plan: fewer than half of closely-held and family-owned businesses have a plan in place that covers these contingencies.

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