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W. Duvall Spruill

Of Counsel | Columbia, SC |

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Duvall Spruill has practiced law at Turner Padget for over 40 years. In that time, he has helped clients with a wide variety of concerns and disputes. It is tough to find a business, banking or construction issue that is new to him, which affords Duvall the opportunity to assist his clients in looking toward the future to avoid pitfalls. After about 15 years working with Duvall, his assistant cross-stitched a proverb that hangs on his wall. It says, “Think much, speak little and write less.” It has become an insightful observation on how Duvall practices law. Affording legal advice to business clients seldom follows the format taught in law school. Clients rarely want to assess statutes or case law. While they have a right to expect their lawyer to know those things, they just want answers about how the law applies to their particular business or problem. A lawyer can only give that kind of advice if he takes the time to understand the client’s business and desires. This is one of the principles that keeps Duvall interested in the practice of law. Outside of the law firm, Duvall spends time with his family, especially his four grandchildren who call him “D.” In addition, many of his weekends are spent involved with the Kairos prison ministry, through which he is able to share his love for all of God’s children.

Representative Matters

  • Assisted a former employer of a renegade employee who entered competition.
  • Pressed a claim of a subcontractor against a state organization for extra costs and delays in a building construction project.
  • Persuaded the federal court that his client’s interpretation of a start-up contract was correct so that opponent had to pay on all issues.
  • Pursued and settled a claim versus a national conglomerate for breaching a contract to build investment arrangements with one of Duvall’s small business clients.
  • Counseled and assisted a local contractor facing difficult financial times.
  • Arbitrated a claim for a minority shareholder ousted by the majority.
  • Presented a claim on a personal guarantee of a business owner following corporate bankruptcy.

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