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Advances in technology have revolutionized the way companies collect, store and share all types of business data. Every company, regardless of size or industry, is the custodian of sensitive personal data, whether social security numbers of employees or the credit card numbers of consumers. Hackers, or even simple human error, can put this data at risk, and companies of all sizes are vulnerable to a data breach. While highly publicized data breaches have raised the visibility and sensitivity of this issue with regulators and consumers alike, smaller companies have been the ones feeling the biggest losses and requiring the most awareness to data breach risk.

Our cybersecurity lawyers help clients understand, respond to and comply with breach notification laws and evidence retention requirements. We counsel clients in the development of preventative procedures that help minimize the risk of a breach. Should a breach occur, we provide compliance consulting that enables businesses to quickly respond and effectively minimize liability. We are equipped to work with federal, state and local law enforcement officials in analyzing the source and extent of a possible breach.

Our protocols and experience help clients implement privacy policies, information retrieval and rights of retrieval, and data collection and usage practices. And our knowledge of federal and state laws (which vary dramatically) keeps our clients on the right side of regulations. When preparation and responsiveness are not enough and clients are threatened with legal action, our experienced litigators have a successful track record to resolve cases in court.