"Reggie Belcher Discusses Biggest Legal Issues in the Workplace in Columbia Business Monthly and Greenville Business Magazine"

Posted On August 7, 2019

In the August 2019 issues of Greenville Business Magazine and Columbia Business Monthly, Reggie Belcher unpacks several hot button legal issues that employers need to be aware of, especially in the ever-changing landscape of employment law. When looking back on his own career, Belcher would have never anticipated the many challenges facing employers today, such as:

• #MeToo movement and how the increase in reports and complaints in the workplace is raising the importance of proper employee education and training to prevent the issue.
• Equal pay and the important of correcting issues by conducting internal pay audits.
• Changing state laws on marijuana use and how they impact drug testing in the workplace.
• Current state and enforceability of non-compete agreements.
• Privacy rights in the workplace and the impact it has on issues involving violence, harassment and general conduct matters in the workplace.
• Paid leave and the likelihood of amending the Family Medical Leave Act to include a certain amount of paid leave for employees.
• Whether the publicity surrounding immigration would result in any changes in employment laws at the state or federal level.
• LGBTQ rights in the workplace and an impending U.S. Supreme Court decision that could provide guidance on whether Title VII covers sexual orientation discrimination.
• Employees’ rights to bring in service animals to work and how the Americans with Disabilities Act comes into play.

To read the full article in Greenville Business Magazine, please click here and jump to page 34. To read the full article in Columbia Business Monthly, please click here and jump to page 24.