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Alternative Dispute Resolution


Turner Padget has always believed that litigants are better served by being directly involved in resolving their disputes without enduring the expense, anxiety, and uncertainty of litigation. Now that mediation and arbitration are the norm rather than the exception, Turner Padget has developed a diverse team of trained neutrals conveniently located in each of our five offices throughout the state. Having been in the business of solving disputes in South Carolina for over 80 years, Turner Padget has both the credibility and experience to help you to efficiently and fairly settle your problems in a conference room rather than a courtroom. 

Turner Padget has consistently been recognized by Best Lawyers in America as a top law firm in South Carolina in the areas of Mediation and Arbitration, with the following attorney specifically listed: Frank Shuler (Columbia). Catherine Kennedy served on the task force to implement mediation in the probate courts of South Carolina.  

Our neutrals have conducted or participated in thousands of dispute resolution processes in virtually every area of the law and are available to assist you throughout South Carolina.