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Our Class Actions team has more than twenty years of front-line experience in class action litigation, primarily in defense of products liability and environmental cases.  We know class action litigation from every aspect, beginning with the critical opening challenges involving jurisdiction and certification to the end game of settlement or trial.  Clients faced with the often daunting complexity and uncertainty of a class action lawsuit can count on sure direction and sound practical judgment from the Turner Padget Class Actions group.                                               

From the outset, a successful defense of a class action case requires an accurate understanding and appreciation of the client’s legal, strategic, and economic interests concerning the matter, as well as the coordination and sometimes reconciliation of the interests of other related parties such as liability insurers or indemnitors.  An early evaluation and assessment is critical to defining a realistic plan of action in tune with the client’s needs.  Maintaining timely, accurate, and effective communication all along the way keeps the plan in harmony with the client’s interests.  Turner Padget’s Class Actions group has the hands-on experience necessary to conduct difficult class action litigation to a successful end.   

Representative Engagements

  • Served as national coordinating counsel and trial counsel for a leading building product manufacturer in numerous class actions of national and regional scope involving a type of exterior wall cladding known as Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems (“EIFS”).  Through more than a decade of litigation in numerous state and federal courts across the country, Turner Padget guided its client and its insurers to a successful conclusion of the litigation with low impact on the continued growth and prosperity of the client’s business.
  • For more than twenty years, Turner Padget served as South Carolina defense counsel for a national building product manufacturer in class action litigation of nationwide scope in which colleges and universities and other governmental and institutional building owners sued for damages caused by the installation of asbestos-containing materials in their buildings.  These cases, filed in South Carolina, were among the first products liability class-action cases to be filed anywhere and set a precedent for future cases.
  • Represented the former president of a specialty chemical company who was sued individually, along with his company and fellow employees, by neighboring property owners in class action lawsuits alleging property damage and personal injury caused by contamination from dioxins and other organic chemicals emitted from the chemical plant.  Class certification was defeated and the cases dismissed with no payment of damages on behalf of Turner Padget’s client.