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  • ABA Section of Litigation Business Development Video, “Handwrite Notes to Clients for a Personal Touch,” 2016
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  • The Defense Line: “Stacking in South Carolina – A Law Adrift” Fall 2015 Volume 43 Issue 2
Mandated Reassignment for the Minimally Qualified, West Virginia Law Review, Volume 117
  • Mediation: A Mandatory (and Often Better) Way to Resolve Certain Workers’ Compensation Claims 4/16/18
  • "SBA Loans Approved for South Carolina," Business & Litigation Insights Blog- March 2020
  • "COVID-19: Response Tips for Small Businesses," Business & Litigation Insights Blog - March 2020
  • “Forming an LLC? Don’t Forget to Have ‘The Talk’” Business & Litigation Insights Blog – May 2016
  • “Creditors Rights Trump Ownership Restrictions in LLC Operating Agreements” Business & Litigation Insights Blog – February 2016
  • "LLC or Corporation? Which is Right for Your New Business?" Business & Litigation Insights Blog –April 2015
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  • Employment Discrimination and Title VII:
  • Appropriate Conceptual Frameworks for Different Claims.
  • Fetal Vulnerability Plan: Disparate Treatment Absent Intent.
  • Title VII and The Sexually Offensive Work Environment: A Warranty of Workability
  •  Wildcat Strikes and Local Union Liability
  • SC Journal of International Law and Business, “Corruption and Catalan Independence”, Spring 2014
  • Model Employee Policies for South Carolina Employers, South Carolina Chamber of Commerce, 2005 - 2012
  • "2013 Amendments to the S.C. Probate Code," published in SC Lawyer, a publication of the South Carolina Bar, 2014. co-author
  • A Practical Guide to Elder and Special Needs Law in South Carolina, a publication of the South Carolina Bar, 2014, contributing author
  • "Don't Misunderstand the Memorandum of Understanding,"  Uptown, publication of the Municipal Association of South Carolina, April, 2015
  • “Speak to Your Supervisor,” South Carolina Lawyer, publication of the South Carolina Bar, January 2011
  • "Speak to Your Supervisor: Protecting Lenders Under the Attorney Supervision Requirements for S.C. Real Estate Closings,” Palmetto Banker, Summer Issue 2011-1 Edition
  • “Don't Leave Out the Essential Ingredient: The Attorney," South Carolina Lawyers Weekly, June 21, 2010; Palmetto Banker, publication of the South Carolina Bankers Association, Winter Issue, 2010
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  • Nutraceuticals: In the Realm of Consumer Protection, is the United States’ Regulation Too Much or Not Enough, Michigan State University College of Law Journal of Medicine and Law, Vol. 9, Issue 2, Summer 2005.
“Author of the South Carolina portion of the International Factoring Association State Law Compendium”
  • Co-author, “Defeating Alternative Fraud and Misrepresentation Claims in Product Liability
  • Litigation,” International Association of Defense Counsel Newsletter, April 2005
  • Co-author, The Defense Line, The South Carolina Supreme Court Reaffirms the Economic Loss Doctrine, 2010
  • Author, “SC Attorneys’ Ethical Obligations for Data Security,” South Carolina Lawyers Weekly, December 12, 2016
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