Law Students

“As a law clerk, I had the opportunity to work on interesting cases with each of the practice groups in Columbia, as well as other offices on occasion. Now, as an associate, I not only have a variety of experiences to draw from, I have an office full of mentors. Having people to go to for advice on any issue I face makes me more effective as a young lawyer."  -- Associate, Columbia, South Carolina

"A few years ago, I accepted an offer to clerk with Turner Padget in its Charleston office. Looking back now as an associate, my decision to work with the firm has been the most fulfilling. In my opinion, Turner Padget has struck the right balance in terms of giving unparalleled support in personal matters as well as providing highly individualized attention and motivation to enable excellence in professional growth, achievements and peer respect.” -- Associate, Charleston, South Carolina

Turner Padget believes that growth within our firm starts on day one and that an integral part of success as an attorney is gaining exposure and experience in specific practice areas. New associates are assigned to a practice group, and work directly with shareholders and senior associates with a vested interest in achieving success. While growth within the firm and personal preferences may lead to other practice areas in the future, new associates will always have a core team of people, base of knowledge and invaluable resources on which to rely.

Turner Padget has developed a structured leadership and training program that allows new associates to ask tough questions, network, benchmark successes, and learn about firm expectations and programs. Associates meet on a regular basis with the Associates Committee, and are encouraged to continually develop new skills and contribute to the greater good of the firm. We strongly believe in encouraging and developing the next generation of Turner Padget attorneys, which has won our firm national praise.

If you are interested in learning more or applying as an associate at Turner Padget, please send your cover letter, resumeand law school transcript to Ian McVey, Recruiting Shareholder,

Summer Clerkship Program

Law clerks are valuable members of our team and work on cases in a variety of practice areas under the direction of a handling attorney. Turner Padget’s summer program provides clerks the opportunity to showcase knowledge and abilities, and to work on interesting and challenging assignments in diverse practice areas. Our clerks receive timely and substantive feedback from shareholders and senior associates, and participate in and observe trials, arbitrations, depositions, negotiations, closings and client meetings, providing an accurate and realistic view of associate life at our firm.

Turner Padget recruits throughout the country for law students who graduate at the top of their classes. Many of our lawyers started with the firm as law clerks during summer breaks or on a part-time basis during the school year. Our summer program provides an entry point for a career with Turner Padget and has proven to be an excellent opportunity for both the law student and our firm.

Because of the collegial, supportive and friendly atmosphere we promote, law clerks interact closely with our attorneys and their families, often in social situations and community service programs.

If you are interested in learning more or applying for Turner Padget’s summer associate program, please send your cover letter, resume and law school transcript to Hannah Stetson, Recruiting Shareholder,