Drug Crimes



Experienced Drug Crimes Defense

Drug charges can carry serious criminal penalties. Long jail or prison sentences. High fines and court fees. Sometimes, both.

At Turner Padget, we focus on challenging the government’s case and on how we can best guide you through a drug prosecution. Our goal is getting as many options on the table for you as we can. These may include:

  • Identifying legal challenges like search & seizure or weight thresholds
  • Requesting a dismissal or conditional discharge
  • Reducing or dropping charges
  • Lowering jail or prison time
  • Decreasing fines and fees

We are experienced in defending all types of drug prosecutions.

  • Simple Possession
  • Possession with Intent
  • Distribution
  • Drug Manufacturing
  • Drug Trafficking
  • Drug Conspiracy

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FAQs on Drug Cases in S.C. 

What kind of drug case do I have?

  1. Simple Possession prosecutions involve charges that are based only on being illegally in possession of drugs. The drugs may have been found on you or near you. You may have been in a car or a house or walking down the street.
  2. Possession with Intent prosecutions involve charges where the government alleges you are in possession of drugs and, based on their weight or other factors like having drug sale paraphernalia (e.g., scales, baggies, and/or money), you also intended to distribute the drugs to someone else.
  3. Drug Distribution prosecutions involve charges where the government alleges you were in possession of drugs and distributed them to someone else either by giving it to them, sharing it with them, or selling it to them. 
  4. Drug Manufacturing prosecutions involve charges where the government is alleging you prepared, produced, cultivated, or otherwise made illegal drugs. 
  5. Drug Trafficking prosecutions involve charges where the government alleges you are in possession of a quantity of illegal drugs over and above specific weights.
  6. Drug Conspiracy prosecutions involve charges where the government is alleging that you and at least one other person planned or work together to violate any one or more drug offense.

What can be challenged in a drug case?

The Fourth Amendment to the US Constitution provides protection against illegal searches and seizures from your home, your car, your business, and you. Whether the police had reasonable suspicion to stop you or probable cause to stop and search you is an issue that could lead to a legal challenge in your drug case. 

Other challenges can be made, like whether the police followed the proper chain of custody, whether the substance the police seized was in fact a real illegal drug, and whether the drug lab conducted the proper test or used the correct testing methods. 

Do I need a lawyer?

Yes, if you were arrested and charged with a drug crime. Even when the charge seems simple or carries a lower penalty, you need a lawyer to help you identify and get as many options on the table as possible. Dismissals or reduced charges, conditional discharge or probation. There are many options for resolving a drug case. An experienced criminal defense lawyer is familiar with these options and can help you identify the options available and then help with getting the best one for you.