Nathaniel A. Turner opened his office for the general practice of law in 1929, after serving as an attorney for the South Carolina Tax Commission and division director for the South Carolina Highway Department. In those early decades, Padget, Graham and Edward Laney built names for themselves and their firm as lawyers of impeccable skill and great client service. The firm really began to grow in the 1980s with its first satellite office in Florence. By the 1990s, the firm had dozens of lawyers and had begun its growth into Charleston, and eventually Greenville and Myrtle Beach.

Today, Turner Padget is a vibrant multi-disciplinary firm that still seeks to reflect those early values instilled by its founders: Good lawyering and client service. Turner Padget has now taken that model beyond the borders of South Carolina, serving clients around the Southeast, and beyond. Some of our earliest lawyers are still with us, and new and exciting lawyers join us regularly, further cementing the reputation of a Turner Padget lawyer.

After more than 90 years, Nat Turner’s solo practice is now one of South Carolina’s largest law firms and provides services in all surrounding states, with hundreds of employees serving a diverse client base.