Estate & Trust Litigation



Disputes concerning wills, trusts and other estate matters can quickly erupt, even for those parties involved with the best intentions. Factors like shifting demographics and ongoing regulatory changes make estate and trust matters increasingly thorny to navigate.

Beneficiaries and other stakeholders need counsel well-versed in this arena to defend their interests and preserve their assets. Our Estate & Trust Litigation Practice routinely represents heirs, beneficiaries, personal representatives, executors and trustees, including corporate fiduciaries, throughout the Southeast. Our trial lawyers work closely with our estate planning attorneys, guaranteeing the holistic perspective needed to effectively advocate for our clients’ interests throughout litigation. Essentially, we combine two of our core strengths – litigation and estate planning – to help clients manage, transfer and protect their wealth.

We strive to do what’s best for the client, whether inside or outside the courtroom. Recognizing that some disputes should be resolved through negotiating a successful settlement, we also know that other matters can only be efficiently resolved in trial. We are seasoned trial attorneys with years of experience in probate courts.


  • Represented both heirs and personal representatives in challenging or upholding wills and trusts.
  • Defended trustee against claims of mismanagement of funds and failure to follow the Prudent Investor Rule.
  • Brought action to interpret language in will and trust where they conflicted with each other.

12 Attorneys

Members ABA Section of Litigation