Professional Liability



Leading our clients through federal and state courts and administrative tribunals, our understanding and years of experience provide invaluable insight to the strengths and weaknesses of every professional liability matter. We pride ourselves in giving professional legal advice that addresses the various aspects of the case, all the while understanding the deeply-personal potential impact that litigation can have on a professional’s career.

Because of the personal nature of professional liability cases and the integrity that is typically in question, we bring an intimate level of service to the matter. In fact, clients find us to be grounded in the highest levels of integrity, professionalism, and commitment to doing what is in their best interest.

Our Professional Liability Practice brings decades of experience in providing legal guidance to accountants, architects, attorneys, directors and officers, insurance agents and broker, and medical professionals. For us, service to these professionals is all-encompassing, directing counsel with legal advice – in and out of the courtroom – to avoid professional claims. However, when those claims arise, we navigate the legal environment to fiercely defend these individuals in the courtroom and work tirelessly to exceed their expectations.


  • Successfully defended an optometrist in a lawsuit involving a novel medical issue concerning the diagnosis and treatment of proliferative diabetic retinopathy.
  • Received a defense verdict in favor of a national rehabilitation hospital in a two-week trial involving the care, treatment and management of diabetes.
  • Defended a law firm involving issues of federal banking regulations and loss of business opportunity.
  • Represented a law firm against allegations of negligent handling of anti-trust litigation and abandonment.
  • Achieved a favorable settlement for an accounting firm in a suit involving forensics accounting services.
  • Defended a lawyer against a claim that a will he prepared and witnessed execution of contained a forged signature of the testator.
  • Gained summary judgment based on a statute of limitations defense in a case against a lawyer alleging improper distribution of settlement proceeds.
  • Accomplished a favorable settlement during the first day of trial for a claim against a law firm involving allegations of negligent preparation of a will.
  • Obtained a directed verdict in favor of a real estate agent in a lawsuit alleging negligent misrepresentation, breach of contract and fraud.
  • Received summary judgment based upon lack of personal jurisdiction on behalf of an out-of-state law firm accused of conspiring with a client to hide assets from claims of creditors.

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