Sex Crimes



Experienced Sex Crimes Defense

Charges of criminal sexual conduct are among the most sensitive and serious criminal cases. The allegations alone can risk you losing your job, your reputation or both. 

A sex crime conviction can also lead to other serious consequences.

  • DSS Investigation
  • Housing Restrictions
  • Sex Offender Registry
  • Electronic Monitoring
  • Sexually Violent Predator Status

The government is serious about investigating and prosecuting these crimes. You need an experienced criminal defense attorney who knows how sex crimes are investigated, prosecuted, and defended. And there is no time to waste.

Our lawyers have decades of experience with defending sex crimes. We’ve defended cases at trial, in appeals, through investigations, and during plea negotiations. 

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FAQs on Sex Crimes Cases in S.C.

Can I be removed from the Sex Offender Registry?

It is now possible to be removed from the SC Sex Offender Registry (“SOR”). A new law was passed in May 2022 creating a procedure for being removed from SOR. Getting removed requires a court order from a Circuit Court Judge and depends on how long you have been on SOR, the original charge that put you on SOR and your current status on SOR. There are other factors to be considered, as well. Getting removed from SOR requires an individualized evaluation of you, your case history and your current circumstances. Turner Padget can help you evaluate your options for filing to be removed from SOR. Contact us to get started on evaluating your options for being removed from SOR. 

Can I be removed from Electronic Monitoring?

If you are required to wear an electronic monitor (“EM”) because you are on the SC Sex Offender Registry (“SOR”), it is possible to petition for removal. You will need to obtain a court order from a Circuit Court Judge. There are several factors a judge must consider, including how long you have been on EM, the triggering offense that put you on EM and your current status on EM, including payment history and past or pending violations. Getting removed from EM requires an individualized evaluation of you, your prior case and your current circumstances. Turner Padget can help you evaluate your options for filing to be removed from EM. Contact us to get started on evaluating your options.