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Theft and burglary prosecutions can expose you to long prison sentences, large fines/fees and can involve high amounts of restitution. There are many types of theft, burglary or property offenses. 

In a theft, burglary or property prosecution, you will need a lawyer who understands all of the various options for charge reduction, paying back restitution or fines/fees, options for alternatives to jail or prison, and other important factors that can affect what happens to you in a theft, burglary or property crimesprosecution.

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FAQs on Theft Burglary & Property Crimes Cases in S.C.

What do I need to know?

It is important to know that many theft, burglary and property crimes may involve small dollar amounts but still carry long prison sentences. Property enhanced punishment may apply to your charges and/or situation, which risks you receiving a sentencing enhancement of up to 10 years for what may seem like a simple property crime. Theft, burglary and property crimes often have restitution associated with them. This can involve not only paying money to victims but may also involve high collection fees while on probation and other circumstances that can increase the costs to you. A lawyer can help you evaluate your case, including your risks for a property enhancement and/or other risk factors for longer prison sentences, and can help you navigate the potential costs you will face in a theft, burglary or property crimes prosecution. Turner Padget can help you with all areas of defending a theft, burglary or property crime case.