White Collar Crime



Nonviolent offenses at the corporate level are gamechangers for both the individuals involved as well as the company. Combining strengths in areas of accounting, banking and taxation, among other areas, is a requirement for successful white collar crime defense. Executives and company leaders who face allegations of white collar crime rely on legal counsel well-versed in litigation as well as in conducting or assisting in internal corporate investigations.

Turner Padget’s White Collar Crime Practice has led in numerous trials and cases throughout the Southeast, advising both individuals and businesses under investigation by regulatory and law enforcement agencies.

Our team is led by the former chief federal prosecutor for South Carolina, underscoring our boots-on-the-ground perspective when it comes to resolving white collar disputes. After prosecuting more than a dozen felony criminal trials in every active federal division in the state, he now brings his experience to bear for the defense side.

Having deep roots in the Southeast gives our team a unique advantage, allowing us to build long-term, meaningful relationships with clients because of our southern ideals and genuine understanding of the culture and local values. 


  • Convinced state and federal law enforcement not to prosecute, or to defer prosecution of, various matters including alleged cases of assault, civil rights violations, insurance fraud, securities fraud, immigration crimes, larceny, lottery fraud and pension fraud.
  • Assisted crime victims with prosecutorial interactions, investigative tasks, and recovery of restitution. 
  • Assisted corporate and institutional clients with internal investigations and dismissal of rogue employees.
  • Successfully expunged the juvenile record of a client after convincing the South Carolina Supreme Court that the trial court had misapplied the eligibility statute.
  • Defended financial institutions against federal investigations and customer complaints.
  • Advised accountants throughout state and federal criminal investigations and related SEC investigations related to financial failure of a publicly traded company.
  • Counseled a charitable trust with regard to oversight investigation by the state attorney general’s office.
  • Guided grand jury witnesses, both targets and non-targets, through anticipated testimony.
  • Assisted a corporation in an internal investigation regarding embezzlement of funds.
  • Directed accounting group and board committee in internal investigation at a financial institution.

Led by Former Chief Federal Prosecutor

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