"How I Made Partner: 'I Showed My Tenacity and Drive to Do Whatever Was Necessary When Asked,' Says Audra Byrd of Turner Padget,"

Posted On October 6, 2021

In a article published on October 4, 2021 we learn about Myrtle Beach-based Shareholder Audra Byrd’s path to becoming partner.

“One of the biggest surprises I experience was how little I understood about the ‘business’ side of our law firm,” explains Byrd. “As an associate, you are not provided with much detailed financial information (other than your own), and as a result, it is difficult to appreciate fully the business side of the legal profession.”

Byrd also outlines her thoughts on the key to successful business development. “Being successful in developing business is absolutely a fundamental role for any attorney, not just partners, which was somewhat of a surprise to me early in my career,” says Byrd. “As a shareholder, I am keenly aware of the importance and necessity of marketing. As a young lawyer, I focused almost solely on turning out high-quality legal work. I operated under the belief that my work would speak for itself, and client word-of-mouth would be sufficient to sustain my own book of business. While I still hold the belief that word-of-mouth is the best form of marketing, which is only effective if you are consistently producing positive results and quality work for clients, it is a passive form of marketing.”

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