"A Million People with Disabilities Have Lost Jobs During the Pandemic" Society for Human Resource Management

Posted On August 31, 2020

In an article published by the Society for Human Resource Management on August 28, 2020, Columbia-based Shareholder Reggie Belcher discusses the rise in unemployment as a result of the COVID-19 crisis especially as it relates to individuals with disabilities. Belcher provides insight on the recent study by the National Organization on Disability that found the road back to employment may be difficult for laid-off or furloughed workers with disabilities, as some employers may not have adequate accommodation processes.

"Some employers may be reluctant to permit a new hire, with whom the employer had no previous relationship, to work remotely," explains Belcher. “But allowing a new hire to immediately work remotely might be a reasonable accommodation required by the Americans with Disabilities Act.”

Belcher further explains that the pandemic financially decimated many employers, “limiting their ability to accommodate workers with disabilities as robustly as before the spread of COVID-19.”

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