"COVID has estate planning clients confronting mortality," South Carolina Lawyers Weekly

Posted On January 8, 2021

In an article published in South Carolina Lawyers Weekly on December 30, 2020, Melody Breeden is among attorneys discussing the change in estate planning in 2020 and the uptick in requests to get affairs in order. Breeden shared that she makes sure her clients are in front of her—masks on and socially distanced, of course—when they sign the papers that cement their wishes for their estates.

“I insist that it has to be in person,” said Breeden. “There is no way to completely assess someone’s capacity virtually.” She even met with clients at card tables in her office’s parking lot.

With so many people needing estate planning help now, Breeden said that attorneys are most willing to do so, but need to be mindful of not rushing things.

“Some people are so eager to help that they might be inclined to throw out some of their normal practices and processes,” Breeden said. “It is important to attorneys to be mindful of not rushing the estate planning process.”

While this year has been a challenge for estate planning, attorneys are heartened that people are now taking care of uncomfortable matters and having conversations with their families that they haven’t had before.

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