"How the frenzy of innovation will aid law firms in a post-pandemic world," South Carolina Lawyers Weekly

Posted On August 13, 2020

In an article published in South Carolina Lawyers Weekly on August 12, 2020, Pierce Campbell discusses how COVID-19 has sparked an unprecedented surge of innovation within the legal profession including remote work environments, time-intensive travel, work-life balance and more.

“Pre-pandemic, much professional and business development was accomplished by traveling to attend conferences and CLEs and the like, which meant that attorneys wasted many hours in transit,” explains Campbell. “That was already on the wane before COVID-19, but the current situation has highlighted just how much was being lost in inefficiency.”

He further discusses that, “what this has forced us to do is be able to do those sorts of things, but right from your desk, so you can get your CLE at your desk in two hours instead of driving two hours and it taking all day,” said Campbell. Face-to-face meetings are still likely to remain very helpful in forging brand-new relationships, “so there will still be a market for in-person conferences, but there will be a decrease in that for sure.”

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