"Franchise Operators Must Be Proactive in Confronting Cybersecurity Risk," Franchising Today

Posted On Apr 15, 2016

In an article published by Franchising Today on April 8, 2016, Sam Sammataro discusses the threat that cyber criminals pose to franchise operators. Sammataro explains that while 81 percent of small businesses are concerned about cybersecurity, only 42 percent have invested in protections against cyberattacks in the last year, and a much smaller pool, just five percent, have invested in cyberinsurance. Sammataro emphasizes the importance of infrastructure and training, and recommends that small businesses assemble a cybersecurity team, assess possible weaknesses within the organization, develop and routinely practice a data breach response plan, establish a clear chain of command, reevaluate insurance coverage, and continuously monitor risks and best business practice. He concludes, “The risks and responses to the global cyber threat are complicated and ever-evolving. If nothing else, the successful franchise operator must be proactive in appreciating the risk and taking steps to counteract it.” You may access the full article here.