"Succession Planning: A Joint Primer for the GC and Outside Lawyer," ACC Docket

Posted On Jul 26, 2016

In an article published in the July / August issue of the ACC Docket, Pierce Campbell and Turner Padget client Nicole Comer, senior vice president and corporate counsel at South State Bank (Columbia S.C.), discuss how law firms and their corporate clients can support each other in their succession planning. Campbell and Comer detail a formal structure that can be implemented in order to guide the process. They emphasize, “The lack of attention to succession planning can hurt the bottom line and impair the efficiency of both law departments and law firms.” The article outlines the framework for the legal department succession planning process and highlights the important questions that need to be answered when constructing plans for the future a company. Campbell and Comer conclude by again stressing the prominence of a fully constructed plan and state that, “A plan is not an idea or a sense of direction; it is a document that outlines the challenge in terms specific to the company and how it will be addressed.” Check out the full article here