"South Carolina regulators reject Duke energy's long-term plant construction plans," Charlotte Business Journal

Posted On June 22, 2021

In an article published on June 17, 2021 in the Charlotte Business Journal, Shareholder Taylor Speer discusses the South Carolina Public Service Commission’s recent rejection of Duke Energy’s Integrated Resource Plan, who represented Vote Solar in the hearings.

“But this is a win,” explains Speer. “My client is highly pleased with the commission’s finding today that Duke Energy’s proposed Integrated Resource Plan is not the most reasonable and prudent means to meet the utilities’ energy and capacity needs.”

Speer further explained that “Vote Solar is hopeful that the written order developed from the oral directive will speak more directly to the integration of climate-related risks into the utilities’ long-term resource planning.” With the directive’s concern for ratepayer costs and accurate gas price forecasting, it is likely the final order will discuss these concerns and the potential benefits of regionalization.

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