"What Businesses Must Consider When Taking a Stance on Guns at Work," Training Magazine

Posted On March 9, 2020

In an article published on March 4, 2020 by Training Magazine, Columbia-based Shareholder Reginald Belcher and Associate William Oncken discuss what businesses must consider when determining whether to embrace a gun-free workplace or a workplace that allows employees to carry their gun at work.

“In today’s political and social climate, bringing up the issue of guns in conversation is going to elicit a broad spectrum of reactions depending on where you are and who you are communicating with,” explain Belcher and Oncken.

For employers, Human Resources professionals, and business leaders, addressing the issue of guns—and more importantly how to develop workplace policy around them—can be highly complex and very stressful. Intimidating as it may be to address an issue as politically and emotionally charged as guns, employers must develop a legally sound and comprehensive gun policy that provides their employees with a safe work environment every day and is aligned with the business’ strategy and values.

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