"Post Pandemic Litigation For Skilled Care And Assisted Living Facilities," Provider Magazine

Posted On July 29, 2020

In an article published in the July Issue of Provider Magazine, Kelli Sullivan discusses how nursing centers and assisted living facilities are likely to face the greatest number of personal and litigation consequences due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“A flood of litigation could sink an already troubled industry, where staff turnover and shortages are common and facilities often operate on thin margins,” explains Sullivan.

Sullivan further explained that, “if feasible, facilities should adhere strictly to those guidelines, including assigning one or more individuals with infection control training to manage the facility’s infection control response, implementation of a plan for the testing of both staff and residents, require anyone with symptoms to be quarantined, regular monitoring of staff and residents for fevers, use personal protective equipment (PPE) as available and have a plan to track who a potentially infected worker came in contact with in the days before symptoms arose.”

There are legal protections on the horizon. Several industry-related groups are leading state lobbying efforts to protect nursing centers and other long term care facilities from liability from COVD-19 related suits.

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