"Reopening Facilities After COVID-19: Strategies for Mitigating Risk," Physicians Practice

Posted On July 15, 2020

In an article published on July 15, 2020 in Physicians Practice, Kelli Sullivan discusses how as states begin to open up public spaces, what nursing homes and assisted living facilities should do to mitigate their risk for lawsuits going forward.

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, assisted living facilities and nursing homes have perhaps been struck the deadliest of blows.

“Facilities should think long and hard before opening the facility to visitors for anything other than compassionate visits for dying patients, especially when cases in the community at large are increasing, not decreasing,” explains Sullivan.

Sullivan further advises that now is not the time to relax the precautions and safeguards that have been in place for the last 90 days. “Failure to take a cautious, measured, approach will result in increased COVID-19 cases, and open up the facility to new and additional legal exposure,” said Sullivan.

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