"The New Normal In The Age Of COVID-19," Charleston Business Magazine, Columbia Business Monthly and Greenville Business Magazine

Posted On July 6, 2020

In an article published on July 2, 2020 by Charleston Business Magazine, Columbia Business Monthly and Greenville Business Magazine, Columbia-based Shareholders Reggie Belcher and Mark Goddard discuss how South Carolina's businesses have been navigating the ever-changing business landscape caused by the COVID-19 virus. Business owners in every industry have had to adapt to the realities of state-mandated closings, remote-work environments, layoffs or furloughs of their employees, cash-flow and other financial challenges, and monitoring the health and safety recommendations from various federal and state agencies.

“While the health and safety requirements for dealing with COVID-19 vary greatly depending on industry type, employers across the state are all dealing with the realities of operating in the "new normal,’” Belcher and Goddard explain. “Many employees across all industries are likely reluctant and nervous to return to work due to various concerns related to COVID-19.”

Belcher and Goddard further explain how many employees are likely to express reluctance to return to work due to the possibility of exposure to the virus. While no employer can completely eliminate the risk of infection, all employers should carefully follow and implement the safety recommendations from the federal and state authorities in order to best protect their employees and customers.

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