"What People Miss About the Office, And What They Don't Miss At All," The Mid-Market Report

Posted On October 1, 2020

In an article published by The Mid-Market Report on October 1, 2020, Shea Brighthop discusses what she misses most and least about being in the office in a round-up of insight from law firms.

“While I am truly an introvert, I miss seeing people the most,” explains Brighthop. “The usual ‘Hey, how’s it going?’ or quick conversation about what everyone did on the weekend really goes a long way when most of your day is consumed with phone calls, record reviewing and emails. Interaction with coworkers is truly valuable and, in my opinion, increases productivity. Everyone needs a break throughout the day to remain efficient, and the best way to get that quick break is mingling with your work family.”

She further explained that “ironically, what I miss the most is also what I miss the least. When I am in work mode and need to finish a big task, I have tunnel vision and small talk is usually a distraction—this is often the reason why I work with my office door closed. When there are not many people in the office, it’s quiet and I have more mental clarity. I’m also naturally nosey, so when I hear chatter outside my office, I want to join in on the fun.”

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